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Policy Analysis

Analyze all insurance policies and pertinent documentation specific to your claim.

Claims Strategy Development

Develop a claim strategy designed to maximize your financial recovery

Loss Research

Conduct a thorough evaluation of your loss through careful research. We will detail and substantiate every aspect of your claim; including any damage to buildings and their contents, business interruption and extra expense claims

Temporary Housing Assistance

Assist in arranging temporary housing or business relocation during the period of adjustment through the period of restoration.

Negotiate Cash Advances

Negotiate cash advances for claims related expenses such as mortage, rent, clothing

Itemized Claim Creation

Prepare, present and deliver an itemized claim package to your insurance carrier's representative

Advocate and Communicate

Be present for all inspections and meetings with your insurance carrier and keep you apprised of claim status during the adjustment

Expedite and Negotiate

Expedite the claims process and negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement in an expeditious fashion

Contractor Screening

Upon your request, help you find a licensed and reputable contractor to repait your damaged property.

Our Approach

How We Work And Operate.

A Commitment To Results

At Interstate Adjusters we view the business of public adjusting as one vitaln to the interest of the policyholder. From the personal commitment of our principals to the involvement of each of our specialzed loss valuation experts, we believe no other public adjusting firm can offer such high-caliber service and reults. Should a disaster or loss ever occur, we are the professionals the insured can count on to deliver the full measure of compensation to which you are entitled.

From Disaster to Recovery

When disaster strikes, the period following a loss can be a critical time for any individual. Preparing an insurance claim and negotiating a proper settlement is a crucial part of the recovery process and one which requires professional assistance to protect the interest of the policyholder and assure financial recovery. At Interstate Adjusters we recognize the level of commitment necessary to help businesses and homeownsders recover their losses quickly and efficiently. Interstate Adjusters brings the highest level of expertise to loss consultation -- resources and capabilities that can prove invaluable to policy holders attempting to recover from an insured loss.

Working With the Policyholder's Interest in Mind

In the event of a disaster, the insurance company will seek to evaluate damages from their own perspective. This is when an insured business or individual needs the services of a professional public adjuster. Interstate Adjusters serves and represents only the policyholder. Focused solely on the interest of the claimant, we engage our extensive resources and capabilities toward relieving the burden a loss can place upon an insured. As experts at prepating and negotiating claims, we provide the policyholder with experienced advocates committed to expeditiously securing the best possible financial recovery.

Guiding the Insured to Maxiumum Recovery

When faced with an insured catastrophe, the period immediately following the loss can be crucial to the future of any policyholder. The ability to effectively navigate the insurance claims process will greatly impact potential recovery. At Interstate Adjusters we tailor our service to provide support to the insured every step of the way. We assume total project management by providing a wide range of claim preparation and adjusting services. Following in-depth policy analysis and assessment of damages, we then work closely with the insured to prepare a detailed and documented claim.

The Resources to Effectively Address Any Claim

At Interstate Adjusters we recognize that every claim is unique and that to achieve optimum results requires a broad range of claim management skills and expertise. As the leading public adjusting firm in New York, Interstate Adjusters boasts considerable experience with all types of losses. Beyond the involvement of our principals in every claim, we are able to assemble a team of expertst to assist with the preparation and documentation of any type of loss. The result is, whatever the cause of extent of damage, you can be confident that Interstate Adjusters is equipped to achieve proper indemnification

Why Choose Our Services?

Interstate Adjusters, Inc. Is New York's premier diaster recovery consulting company. Our core focus is maximizing and expediting our clien't financial recovery from property insurance claims. Local commitment, personalized service and proven expertise are the hallmarks of our reputation: Your successful financial recovery after a disaster is always our top priority.

  • Client Satisfaction - Stacks of recommendation letters and constant word-of-mouth referreals provide testimonry to our commitment to personalized service
  • Experience - We have guided hundres of clients through the adjustment process
  • Commitment - We will be dedicated to your claim and guide you through every step with unparalleled customer satisfaction


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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is a Public Adjuster?

    Public adjusters are adjusters who work solely for the policyholder and not the insurance carrier. A public adjuster is an expert that you retain to assist you in the preparation, presentation and adjustment of your insurance claim.

  • Who Are Public Adjusters?

    Public adjusters are adept at decoding the technical language of your policy as well as the often convoluted claims procedures required for losses due to fire, water, vandalism, explosion, wind and other natural disasters.

  • Can I Process My Own Claim?

    Yes. However, handling your own claim will not only take you away from getting your life back on track; it also will limit you from obtaining the maximum settlement as a public adjuster would, who handles hundreds of similar cases every year.

    Chances are your public adjuster has handled many cases like your with your particular insurance carrier and know the idosyncrasies and specific obstacles your insurance company may present.

    A public adjuster possess amuch more expierence and training in the preparation of your claim. The public adjuster can help you more throughly assess the impact of your loss by gathering factual proofs, preparing inventories and secuting estimates from experts they employ. Lastly the public adjuster manages the confusing details that got into compiling and filing your claim.

    Further, the policy of insuyrance has hundres of provisions, stipulations, riders and multiple forms that are constantly being updated. Keeping up-to-date with these changes is part of a public adjuster'sn professional development. You, as the insured, are new to the claims process and are unlikely to be away of these complex settlement requirements, further slowing the process and ultimately effecting both settlement and monetary recovery.

  • How Do Public Adjusters Work?

    Public adjusters will prepare and present your claim to the insurance carrier. The public adjuster's main goal is to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement which includes everything you're entitled to.

    By complying with policy requirementsm your public adjuster will arrange to have your damaged property secured by an emergency service company. Tarping and boarding, a requirement by all insurance carriers, will protect the property from further damage. Additionally, the preservation of your will insure the accuract of inventories and estimates to follow. Emergency service companies also mitigate damages within by removing water, performing debirs removal and structure drying.

  • How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid?

    A public adjuster's fee is a percentage of the settlement arrived at with your insurance carrier. Therefore, it's in the adjuster's best interest to ensure you achieve the highest settlement possible, It also means that often the adjuster's services can save you the cost of their fees.

  • Why Use a Public Adjuster?

    • To intrepret the intricacies and details of your policy of insurance.

    • They have the knowledge, training and experience to successfully represent your interest to maximize insurance recovery.

    • They relieve you from the time and effort needed to constantly follow up on claim status.

    • They are representatives licensed and bonded by the State Insurance Department to represent your interests.

    • Your insurance company has hired skilled adjusters to protect their interest, so should you.

Our Professional Team

New York's premier disaster recovery consulting company.

Jarrod Fischer

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Wahl

Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster

Our core focus is maximizing and expediting our client's financial recovery from property insurance claims. Local commitment, personalized service and proven expertise are the hallmarks of our reputation: Your successful financial recovery after a disaster is always our top priority.

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